Predict Your Vote With Twitter

imageimageWhat does your Twitter activity say about who you will vote for? My latest project attempts to predict who you will vote for in the 2012 U.S. presidential election based on an analysis of your tweets. It examines the words, hashtags, websites, and usernames mentioned in your Twitter feed to predict if you will vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. 

This work has yielded some interesting distinctions in the topics and style of language used by supporters of the two candidates. Terms popular among Obama supporters include equal, women, register, cuts, and wealthy; while those common among Romney supporters are failed, government, leadership, obamacare, liberty, israel, and gas

Further, it shows that certain major media outlets are indeed popular as information sources for either Republican or Democrat voters. For instance, Fox News is strong associated with Romney supporters while the The Huffington Post and CNN are popular among Obama supporters. See more in depth analysis and try your own username at: